Solid, the form of beauty

Solid hampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

Solid, the form of beauty

Less is more, respectful to humans and the planet



About About The BAR

Love the Planet,
Love The BAR

Solid products for your hair, skin and the planet

'The BAR" is the result of the technology of a cosmetics company founded in 1905.
We have succeeded in creating a product that is plastic-free and equally effective.
We invite you to an experience with solid products for beauty and the environment.



This is the result of an innovative technology that makes liquid products solid, developed and perfected by a cosmetics company founded in 1905, after hundreds of prototypes.


Plastic Free

We use paper packaging made from sustainable forest resources (FSC certified paper)


Less emission

The low water content in the product and its compact size contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions during transport.
The packaging materials we use are recyclable.
Furthermore, the ink on the packaging is of plant origin.


It contains natural

Carefully selected ingredients of natural origin, mainly of non-animal origin.


Solid Shampoo

Neither hair nor earth will be harmed
Solid shampoo with concentrated active ingredients


Solid Conditioner

Zero water content
Solid Conditioner with concentrated active ingredients


Solid Body Soap

Rich lather
Solid body wash with concentrated active ingredients


In solid form, functional ingredients can be condensed and highly functional hair care ingredients can be highly formulated.

That's why we offer products with a high level of user satisfaction.

Solid Shampoo

Solid Conditioner

Merit Benefits of solid form

Why solid?

5 advantages

The BAR is a simple way to get involved in the SDGs. Max's solid,
eco-friendly cosmetics are also highly rated for their efficiency.
We invite you to make "The BAR" a part of your daily life with its ethical and functional features.

  1. 1 Highly concentrated
  2. 2 Plastic Free
  3. 3 Compact
  4. 4 Reduce of CO2 emissions
  5. 5 Less Preservatives

DEVELOPMENT Formulation development and production

Our proudest R&D members pursue the solidification of liquid cosmetics

Our mission is developing Solid Cosmetics that you will satisfied

Since its foundation in 1905, the company's uncompromising manufacturing DNA has remained unchanged.
We have developed this solid product to satisfy our customers by focusing on its ingredients and performance.

Is solid shampoo too harsh?

Conventional soap shampoos make your hair squeaky when you use them. This was not a satisfactory product for our customers.

What causes hair to grind?

It was found that the squeaky hair was caused by a chemical reaction between the main ingredient of the soap and metal ions in the tap water, forming a squeaky component.

Conventional soap shampoos

We searched for new cleaning ingredients and after hundreds of prototypes, we succeeded in producing a solid shampoo that does not make hair brittle.

Uncompromising manufacturing for satisfactory quality

At our factories in Osaka and Nara, we have the latest equipment and a thorough inspection system to ensure that our products are of the highest quality to satisfy our customers.

Introduction of an information management system at the level of pharmaceutical production

Maintaining consistent productivity through mechanisation and automation

Introduction of process validation and other measures to develop a sophisticated quality management system

Thorough hygiene control, protection against foreign objects and insects

The production site is also environmentally friendly

In our own factories we have installed solar panels, energy saving equipment. We are also implementing projects to reduce wastewater emissions.
In the first half of the financial year 2021, we have achieved a reduction of about 30% compared to 2018!

International and expert voices

Winner of The most authoritative beauty award in France

"victoires de la beaute"*

*The BAR Solid Shampoo

Created in 2002, VICTOIRES DE LA BEAUTE is the only beauty award in France where consumers are the judges. To determine the true strength of a product, consumers use it in their own homes for a fortnight, without revealing the brand or product name. The products are judged on their feel, effectiveness, texture and fragrance.